Cars theme cake smash

It was an instant decision to go for cars theme when I was told that this little man loves cars! Well, who doesn’t love cars? I do and so does my son!

I’m a big DIY person and with so many ideas on the internet, the biggest challenge was how do I come up with the look that’s different from the rest?We already had the props like – cars (different sizes), ONE blocks. First I thought of going with the tried and tested ideas by so many other photographers. It was pretty simple – black backdrop, checkered flag, car and of course the cake!

My client & I brainstormed on the backdrop colors – black, rustic wood floor or white wood floor. It’s interesting how we ended up picking royal blue. We were looking at few cake pictures and one of them caught our eye. And that’s how the whole color palette came together!

Once that was done, the rest just went with the flow!

Choosing what kind of cars we needed for the photo shoot was a not as easy as I thought it would. Hot wheels were too small & sharp for the baby and big cars were too big and bulky and didn’t flow with the color palette.

I knew that Lightning Mc Queen had to be in the photo shoot. I mean how can you not have that car in the photo shoot? I wanted to have Mator too, but it was no match. It was too small!

Everything was coming together, except for the checkered flag. How do I incorporate that into this color palette? I already had banners, adding another one would ruin the look.

A quick trip to the store solves the problem. I found this checkered flag duct tape at Michaels and that lead me to the idea of having checkered ONE blocks.

What really brightens up this cake smash session is when this little man walked in to my studio.  He is such an adorable kid! He was so calm and patient throughout the session. But the best of all is his cute pout.

Okay! Enough of me talking. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Photography, Editing, Concept & Design: Archana RJ Photography

Cake: Gayathri Nair


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