Fall Family Portraits-1

How lucky I have been this fall with the weather. With so many sessions this year, we had to reschedule the couple of the sessions either due to rain or a super cloudy day, but then just like magic, the sun comes out right before my session. This session was another one of those. I just love the time when there’s perfect amount of light with the sun peeking out.

I had a great time working with this sweet family. They were so easy to work with, the mom looked gorgeous and the little one bursting with energy. I felt little sad when it was time to go but she wanted to play more.

arj-1 arj-2 arj-3 arj-4

arj-40 arj-39 arj-34 arj-18

arj-14 arj-15 arj-19 arj-20

arj-21 arj-22 arj-23


arj-30 arj-31 arj-32

arj-41 arj-40 arj-38

arj-33 arj-35 arj-40 arj-37 arj-36

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