S & A

When this adorable couple scheduled a portrait session with me, we didn’t give weather a second thought since it had been raining almost everyday. We were hoping that it wouldn’t rain for few hours. On the day of their session it rained! So we rescheduled for a few weeks later and had a fabulous time – with the sun out. Because we did have to reschedule I decided to make it a fun session. As luck would have it, when we reached, we didn’t realize that it would be so cold & windy! We braved the weather and decided to do it anyway!

And to my surprise, the pictures turned out so good!

Here you go S & A.. Enjoy the preview!


ARJ-1 ARJ-3 ARJ-4 ARJ-5 ARJ-7 ARJ-8 ARJ-11 ARJ-12 ARJ-13 ARJ-15 ARJ-17 ARJ-18 ARJ-20 ARJ-26 ARJ-24 ARJ-28 ARJ-29 ARJ-30 ARJ-21


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