Thumb Tack / Push Pin paper lanterns


When I’m not photographing, I love spending time doing diy craft work. Festive season is around the corner and like always, I looked up on google for some inspiration. After going through countless websites, I finally found something that caught my eye… Paper Lanterns! like the one above. I’ve done other paper lanterns in the past but I wanted something eye catchy. Thanks to this blogger Rachel, it was exactly what I was looking for.

She laid down the steps very nicely. But I went one step further and decided to print some patterns instead of drawing.

What you need:
1. Cardstock (I used textured card stock from Michaels)
2. Templates or Stencils for the Design ( I googled for rangoli stencil printable)
3. A Thumb Tack
4. Scissors or a Paper Cutter
5. Double Sided Tape



My entire family sat together and it’s a fun project for older kids too! But they were soon tired after doing 1/3rd of it. Can’t expect much 🙂

DSC_2002-copy DSC_1998

As Rachel mentioned and I quote: “A monogrammed letter would be especially cute for a wedding.”

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