Photo shoot with toddlers/ kids

Doing a photo shoot with the toddlers/ kids is always fun and challenging! You can’t expect them to strike a pose like an adult, considering their short attention span. Come on! they are so young.companionable

They would look everywhere except the camera! They know you are taking pictures of them. I’m sure most of us have gone through the drill: make them sit and have someone behind the photographer do funny noises/poses and what not to get their attention! And when they actually look at the camera, you get a nice picture of a toddler who looks puzzled, serious, confused and if you get lucky you get that award wining smiling portrait.

Now, how often do you get that right? Not much.. eh?

I’d suggest get outdoors. Capture images when they are running, exploring etc. Warm up – kids don’t talk to strangers and as a photographer you are one if they are meeting you for the first time. Create a bonding, ask what their favourite toy or cartoon is, favourite games- even if it means playing games with them, (hide & seek is my favourite) do whatever it takes to gain their trust. Have their favourite toy with them (if any) during the photo shoot: they are more comfortable. Once that is set, you will be amazed when they start posing for the camera. 

I have kids come up to me and say, can you come here and take my picture when I’m running or playing peek-a-boo or twirling or dancing etc. 


They go wherever I go.. they shadow me!  And you become their next favourite person/ friend. 

 It’s a joy to see them come to you with a smile every time you go to their home!  

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