Happy New Year!



Happy New year to all my friends and fellow bloggers. I know I’m little late, but hey, better late than never right! The past few days have been very hectic and to top it off, my portable hard disk crashed and I lost all the data. Yep, every single picture I took in the last couple of years. *sniff*. What really hit me hard was I lost all my family pictures and videos of my kid, right from his birth to till date. I wish I made another back up somewhere.  Oh well, lesson learnt –  never back up only on 1 hard disk, back up on multiple locations.  The best I think is online storage. Lets, see if the experts can do something.

Since I was low and sulking about my pictures, I decided to go out and click some more, a fresh start perhaps.  My friends keep talking about this place and so,   I decided to go to Winter Wonderland this year. It was just beautiful.  The park was lit up with festive light displays and who would forget the cold. It was too cold to get on the rides with the kids, but it was definitely worth  the $10 Groupon from a photographer’s perspective.






house Tree House

candy cane

Candy Canes

Christmas Tree



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