Heart Bokeh

heart bokeh

Happy Valentine’s Day! This time instead of plain color bokeh, I decided to do something creative. I wanted to get some heart shaped bokeh, so I created my own heart bokeh with a black paperboard (DIY – Create your own Bokeh tutorial). What I really didn’t pay attention to was I forgot to set my camera to the lowest aperture value. I tried and tried and still I ended up clicking pictures like the one above and below.

heart bokeh

 Before I call it a day, I corrected my mistake and tired once more, below is the result. Not a perfect heart shape, but somewhat close.

heart bokeh

 Note: I tried this with my Nikon D60 18-55mm lens. I realized later that I need an aperture lens (which I ignored completely in the DIY tutorial. Time to get one, I guess!  ;))

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