Talking on the phone

kid talking on phone

talking on the phone

Just before SRJ was winding up his day, I decided to click some pictures in his new tent. 15 clicks down and I couldn’t get what I want. He was tired and was in no mood to play. Just then I got a phone call, rather a marketing call from Caribbean cruise. I hung up the phone and was back to my camera disappointed because I didn’t click any good pictures. Soon enough, he started playing with the phone, dialed a random number and was laughing hysterically to the automated voice – “We’re sorry, we cannot complete the call as dialed. Please check the number and dial again”. I still don’t know what made him laugh (or which part of it) that much. I tired doing it again after few days, but  that was the only time he had that much fun.

I’m glad I captured the moment! 🙂


Date taken: April 2010 

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