rain drops

dancing around in this wet abyss
with puddles around my feet
as the rain falls from the clouds above
i am in a world as beautiful as life;

as i spin blissfully
jumping around in joy
a little skip here and a little hop there
nothing can disturb this tranquil peace;

when nothing in life seem to go right,
never quite sure what tomorrow might bring,
knowing everything is for a reason,
the only thing that I can do is be my self;

as my fingers reach out to the falling raindrops,
i smile as i watch the rain come down,
softly sprinkling on my skin
alluring my senses into spring awaking;

as i surrender to the beauty of rain,
swimming in a sea of serenity,
a blanket of warmth surrounds me
as I fade into the darkness
letting my mind set itself free.

I was backing up my old pictures and found these two hiding somewhere in folders.  Completely forgot that I clicked them. Here goes the story, It was a perfect day to begin. Bright sunny day, a family outing to Pier 39 in San Francisco. We had a great time walking by the docks, watching the Sea Lions roar (and the smell too!) and the Aquarium of the Bay of course, without which the day would be incomplete (for my kid). By the time we came out who knew the weather would change. It started drizzling, just perfect to take some nice rain shots (I thought!). Soon enough it was pouring. The only drawback.. I was not carrying my umbrella.. damn! So I ended up clicking while driving (thanks to my husband for driving us back home safely with me around clicking continuously) 😉 . Although, I tried many rain shots, these two so far have been better. So here they are.

That reminds me I should check out the tulipmania at pier 39. Hope to make it this time!


Location: San Francisco, May 2011

Poem Courtesy: Praveen, Between the Rainrops

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